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Youth participation takes place in a Hockey5s format. It is a very interactive style of competitive field hockey available to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16.

This competitive game is played in a boarded reduced sized pitch with only five or six players per team (depending on the age group), making all participating players fully involved in the attacking and defending strategies of their team.  This is a fantastic starting point of competition which prepares our players for future 11-a-side competitions.  


The Gibraltar Hockey Association organises official local competitions for two categories being the 'Minis' group (players starting at 8 years of age) and the 'Juniors' group (with boys up to 14 years of age and girls up to 16 years of age).

Training sessions are available twice weekly on weekdays to which you must attend at least one, and a weekly match usually played on Thursdays.

The Club organises various social events during the year such as Fun Days in Christmas, Easter and summer (end of season) filled with fun activities where family and friends are welcome to join in.

If interested in becoming a Titan, please contact us for further information and details on how to register.

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